Choosing an Electric Meat Slicer

Electric meat slicers have taken the tedium of manual meat slicing. Primarily used in restaurants and meat shops, the electric meat slicers are now becoming kitchen fixtures in more homes. The newer designs are efficient and versatile and easy to clean, which make them appealing to homemakers who love to cook.

How It Works

The earliest meat slicer showed up in delis and butcher shops and to make it work, it was manually cranked. As things would go, improvements were made on the meat slicer to cater to different demands. Electric meat slicers with different features are the latest improvement on the old-fashioned meat slicers and newer compact models, which also provide the same smooth precision meat slicing, are becoming home kitchen equipments.

Kitchen knives can slice meats but do not do a good job of slicing ham or bacon into ultra thin strips for special meat recipes or bread knives cannot do a beautiful job of turning perfectly thin sliced crusty breads. Table top budget-friendly electric meat slicers can both do the job superbly and easily and in less the time usually spent slaving with kitchen or bread knives. These counter-top slicers have an ergonomic design that allows tilting of the food carriage, and a precision thickness control. It also has safety features which make it ideal for home kitchen use.

To use the electric meat slicer, the speed knob is adjusted before the meat is placed between the running blades. Smaller blades are recommended for breads and smaller pieces of meat but for bulk meat slicing, a larger blade can handle heavy duty slicing of all kinds of meat. An experienced meat slicer will still follow the rules in cutting meat or as required by the recipe – across or with the grain.

To use the electric meat slicer, care must be exercised to prevent accidents. In the home, this equipment should be kept out of reach of inquisitive children.

Why You Should Have One

Food is always a favorite topic and a kitchen should have all the cooking gadgetry and a meat slicer should top the list if meat recipes are frequently prepared. For those who frequently host dinners and parties, this valuable equipment will help create superb meat cuts, finely sliced cheeses, breads and vegetables. Chop it or slice it, the meat slicer does all the slicing and chopping chop with bits and pieces flying all over the place.

Individuals with a passion for cooking should do right by investing on a light to medium duty meat slicer. This is easy on the pocket and delivers the expected performance and efficiency and will go a long way thus giving you value for your money. It has the same features of the commercial meat slicer but scaled down to make it appropriate for home use.

Types and Brands

For the homemaker, the medium duty or economy slicers with 8″ up to 14″ blade is perfect. With versatile slicing features and slicing control systems, anyone can slice meats like a professional. Bigger meat slicers designed for heavy use have larger blades starting with 12″ to 14″. This is perfect equipment for catering, restaurants, delis, commissaries, and meat shops.

Favorite brands in the market are Professional Electric, Chef’s Choice, Berkel, American Harvest, and more. Each of these brands has different models and features. Choose the right electric meat slicer for your needs but make sure that model is easy to clean. Ask for a product warranty and inquire about the availability of spare parts before pick out your electric meat slicer.

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