Choosing an Electric Meat Slicer

Electric meat slicers have taken the tedium of manual meat slicing. Primarily used in restaurants and meat shops, the electric meat slicers are now becoming kitchen fixtures in more homes. The newer designs are efficient and versatile and easy to clean, which make them appealing to homemakers who love to cook.

How It Works

The earliest meat slicer showed up in delis and butcher shops and to make it work, it was manually cranked. As things would go, improvements were made on the meat slicer to cater to different demands. Electric meat slicers with different features are the latest improvement on the old-fashioned meat slicers and newer compact models, which also provide the same smooth precision meat slicing, are becoming home kitchen equipments.

Kitchen knives can slice meats but do not do a good job of slicing ham or bacon into ultra thin strips for special meat recipes or bread knives cannot do a beautiful job of turning perfectly thin sliced crusty breads. Table top budget-friendly electric meat slicers can both do the job superbly and easily and in less the time usually spent slaving with kitchen or bread knives. These counter-top slicers have an ergonomic design that allows tilting of the food carriage, and a precision thickness control. It also has safety features which make it ideal for home kitchen use. Continue reading “Choosing an Electric Meat Slicer”

Meat Slicers: Buying the Right Slicer For Your Kitchen

Well-equipped kitchens have everything you wish for your own home kitchen. But as long as you have meat slicers and the generic kitchen tools you can prepare great dishes safely and faster. This article provides a basic introduction to meat slicers and the options available for your selection.

Types of Meat Slicers

Meat slicers are important additions to a busy kitchen and food gourmets and chefs rely on this piece of equipment instead of a knife to slice meats and cheeses to get the right texture for certain recipes. Meat slicers are categorized into two types, manual and electric. Both of these types provide the slicing finesse you have seen in the meals prepared in posh restaurants and those electric slicers you have seen at the butchery is your electric meat slicer, does it not make the butcher’s work faster and efficient?

For your selection, electric meat slicers are available for heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty uses. For the home the light duty slicers with a 9 inch blade can handle the slicing load for everyday use. These are easy to clean and maintain and come in compact sizes and some models have a built-in sharpener system add to your convenient maintenance of the slicer. If you prefer the manual slicer for home use, the one piece unit with a removable sharpener would provide you the same cutting edge quality. Continue reading “Meat Slicers: Buying the Right Slicer For Your Kitchen”

Meat Slicer For Home – Best Buy

Homemakers are taking on the cordon bleu cooking style and are stuffing up their kitchen with the latest cooking utensils and gadgets to make their work easier while turning out stylishly prepared meat recipes for the family. One such gadget is the home meat slicer that is fast becoming a favorite kitchen must-have in many homes.

The Home Meat Slicer

If you think a home meat slicer is an unnecessary expense, think again. This gadget can do more than slice your pot roast. It can finely slice pork belly for home-made bacon, excellently slice cheese into classy thin strips, and slice vegetables and fruits to any desired thinness. Yes, you read it right; it can slice vegetables and fruits. The versatility of the home meat slicer makes it a good buy these days.

Anyone can prepare enchanting beef wellingtons and beef stroganoff and other easy or sophisticated meat preparations. Instead of hurdling tough cuts of meat with the trusty old kitchen meat knife, using the meat slicer, whether it is manual or electric, makes the job easier and done in less the time usually spent slicing and hacking through meat and bones with a butcher’s knife. Nothing can be more frustrating than wasting too much time slicing meat when there are other tasks to do ahead before the guests arrive. Continue reading “Meat Slicer For Home – Best Buy”