Commercial Meat Slicer

Choosing a Commercial Meat Slicer

Commercial meat slicers are designed to handle bulk or frequent meat slicing. The meat slicer you have in the butcher's shop is a fine specimen of a commercial meat slicer. It is not huge but sized enough and packed with versatile features to cut up beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and cheeses.

Uses of Commercial Meat Slicers

Meat slicers for commercial uses are usually electrically-powered models but there are several equally good performing manual models. Basically this type of meat slicer shares the same features such as chromium steel blades, bigger wider steel blades for more slicing options, adjustable control knobs to adjust to different textures of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

Commercial establishments such as restaurant kitchens have different meat slicers are installed for different applications. One unit will be especially meats, another for poultry and/or vegetables and fruits to prevent contamination or cleaned scrupulously before it is used to slice bread or fruits after the unit to slice meats. In delis, these are use to slice different kinds of cheeses, hams and sausages.

Larger and heavy-duty meat slicers are used in the meat processing companies. These are heavier to withstand several pounds of raw meat and are very versatile too. All commercial meat slicers have safety features and speed control buttons for different meat slices and sizes and have built-in or removable blade sharpeners. These are also easy to clean but must be done by a trained employee as some models are more technically intricate.

Do You Need a Commercial Meat Slicer?

The idea of a commercial meat slicer may not appeal to the homemaker but there several models that can be used at home. The commercial tag only implies heavy-duty capacity and if the household requires a lot of meat recipes for family meals and parties, the commercial meat slicer should be a top pick. In addition, this can be used for fruits and vegetables and delicate to hard cheeses.

If you are venturing into the catering business, it would save you money to cut your own meats and cheeses instead of buying these from the deli. This investment is worthwhile and worth every dollar spent on it.

Several models are available too. There are economy models which are manually operated. Electric commercial meat slicers for fast-paced food preparation and stylish presentation is an option the food business requires it. Do not pick out a commercial slicer because you are planning to go into the catering business but get one that fits your cooking requirement - speed and smooth meat slices for your parties. Professional chefs prefer commercial meat slicers for these reasons.

Types and Brands

Commercial meat slicers whether manually or electrically powered provide optimum commercial requirements for meat slicing. Among the brands available are Cecilware, Chef's Choice, Waring, Hobart, and Berkel among others. All of these conform to the strict European Quality standards on safety.

Always ask for the warranty of the unit and the availability of spare parts. Dealers will be happy to provide you more product information and useful tips such as where to get your meat slicer repaired if necessary.